“The school has a wonderful holistic approach to music aimed at instilling a love and feel for music in children. Miss Mali at ISM Ballina is great with the kids. The Jitterbug and Beebopper classes for toddlers are so much fun that they don’t even realise they are learning. Would highly recommend it for anyone.”

Donna F

“These classes are amazing! I have put 4 of my children through Mali’s classes and they love her, love the class and love the atmosphere. The classes are so well structured and teach a really strong foundation for reading, listening and playing music. I would recommend all kids do this program.”

Rikki B

“It is a wonderful program which allows each child to experience the ‘passion’ for music. I believe that music is something that all children love and it is the love of music that connects them to each other and helps them to grow in all areas of life.”

Alison P

“I cannot recommend ISM Ballina enough and our beautiful teacher Miss Mali. My daughter was very shy and would not do anything when she first started. Mali was very patient and reassured her all the time without putting any pressure on her. My daughter slowly got out of her shell and enjoys music lessons so much.”


“My Children have developed their singing over the past 2-3 years. They both love their music class and often ask if its “music” day. They have advanced their piano playing skills and practice often. W was shy originally to perform in front of the group but is now confident to speak, sing and play piano. They both love achieving new songs and are proud and excited to tell family and friends.”


“Thankyou so much for the classes that you continues to offer during lockdown. They were the perfect length of time and looked so professional compared to other classes we had during that time. My daughter really enjoys music classes and is so proud of her learning so far. Her grades in music and drama were well above average and i have no doubt that is due to ISM.”


“Miss Mali is an amazing and fun teacher. Her interaction and connection with children is beautiful. Since being with ISM Matilda has developed her skills in applying music in her everyday life like making up songs and playing different tunes. I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a special learning opportunity for your child.”


“My daughter is loving the Beeboppers classes. It’s a great mix of fun, learning, play and theory. The sessions are well planned and varied. I’m glad there is something like this in our area.”

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